Another piece for Gather Tech, this time on the impending release of the Google Chrome OS on netbooks.

Google Chrome OS to Debut on Laptops Only

Another tech news piece on Gather this morning, this time concerning the debut of Windows 8. Seems that Microsoft is going the tablet route for the debut, which makes sense as it’s a great way to show off the new touch interface. They seem to be exerting quite a bit of control over the tablet hardware, too, making the tablet version of the OS one of the first Microsoft products designed to fit a specific hardware configuration.

Windows 8 Debut Planned on a Tablet

Interestingly enough, the piece has already gotten a comment from somebody at Gather who seems to be in the anti-Microsoft crowd.

Recently started writing tech and entertainment news for the Gather news service. How recently, you might ask? Well, recently enough that I just had my first news piece published there.

First Windows Phone Mango Handsets Revealed

It’s kind of neat being able to see my byline on something online that isn’t your typical content mill “how-to” or “about” article. I used to do financial news pieces a few years ago, but since then I’ve been mostly sticking to content and ghostwriting. Hopefully the trend of new and interesting writing gigs will continue and prove to be a profitable addition to my current writing work.

The only way that this would have been better is if I could have linked to this while writing about the “Mango” phones:

I spent a bit of time taking apart the Dell Latitude CPx that will eventually become puppy-tastic as a portable Puppy Linux machine. Largely it was an exploratory mission, examining its insides to figure out how and where portions of it come apart. One thing I can say about the CPx… Dell wasn’t afraid to put screws in it. Nope.

I’ve discovered how to remove the old keyboard, though it was a bit of a pain to get it plugged back in; there are two connections for it, and both of them aren’t exactly easy to plug into their sockets. Well, one of them has a socket; the other is an exposed portion of electronic ribbon that slides into a port and then has a plastic spacer that holds it in place. Fun.

I’m also considering adding another aspect to the Puppy Project; after reading up on it a bit online, I’m thinking of painting the thing. I’ll have to take most of the outer case off anyway at various points of the project, so as long as I’ve got it off I might as well personalize the laptop a little bit more. I’m not sure yet as to what color the Puppy will be, but there’s a decent chance that it’ll be shiny.

Oooooh… shiny.

Several months ago I was given an old Dell Latitude CPx laptop computer. It’s by no means a great laptop by today’s standards; it has a Pentium III processor in it, 256 Mb of RAM, and was designed to run Windows 2000 moderately well. This particular one has further problems, including a keyboard that doesn’t quite work correctly, a permanently dead battery and a broken USB port. I messed around with it for a little while when I first got it, and it’s mostly been sitting in my closet ever since.

More recently, though, I’ve been writing articles about Puppy Linux and decided that the laptop might be a perfect home for Puppy. I created a Live CD with the latest Puppy release and popped it in the CPx, doing a full install on the laptop’s hard drive so that it’s now a portable Linux machine. The keyboard still has problems and it still requires constant AC power to run, but as for the operating system itself it runs quite nicely with the limited resources of the CPx.

This has led to the creation of the “Puppy Project”… my eventual goal is to make the laptop into a fully-portable and functional Puppy Linux device. I’ve been pricing a few parts for it and it shouldn’t even cost that much to get what I need. More importantly, I’ve found a few resources about modifying Latitude CPx laptops that have given me some interesting ideas for what I could do with the laptop while I’m fixing it up.

Most importantly, though, I’ve made the decision to create a capstone of sorts for the project. Once the laptop has been fixed up to meet my standards as a “fully portable and functional Puppy Linux device”, a new case badge will be put onto it to mark the occasion. Where there’s currently a generic Dell Latitude CPx sticker on top of the laptop there will eventually be a Puppy Linux sticker so it’ll be all Puppy-fied.

There’s currently no timeframe for the project; it’ll mostly progress as I find myself with a few extra bucks here and there and can find a good deal on the parts I need. Current plans are to replace the keyboard (and possibly make a modification to the laptop to help prevent the new keyboard from going out over time, as this is a fairly common problem with the CPx), get a new battery that actually works, repair or replace the USB port (I’ve got it functional at the moment, but since part of the port is broken off anything plugged in to it isn’t held in place very well) and possibly make a modification or two to the laptop which gives it new functionality (with the main focus being on giving it an internal wireless adapter so that I don’t have to rely on PCMIA cards or ethernet cables.)

If the last bit doesn’t happen then I’ll at least pick up a cheap wireless card somewhere.

Yep, that’s right. It’s another post about Vengeance and Love. Probably the last one until the Nook/other ebook reader version is ready. But no guarantees.


I’ve had a few people ask me about getting a signed copy of the book. I like this, primarily because it means that people have an interest in buying the book AND making their copy one-of-a-kind. I have an autographed book that I was given as a gift, and it’s pretty awesome. Especially since it’s personalized.

The main problem is that a lot of the people asking me about this are people that live way far away. Autographing or personalizing their book would involve them ordering it, shipping it to me, me signing it, and then me shipping it back. So I decided to make things easier.

Gentlemen, behold!

Using the magic of PayPal, you can order an autographed/personalized copy of the book for $11, including shipping. This covers the standard sale price of the book ($6.99) plus shipping costs and the cost of packaging material. You can order the book and include any personalization/customization instructions right from the order page. I then get a copy of the book, sign it/personalize it, and send it to you at the address provided during checkout.

At the very least, it cuts out one trip through the mail that your book has to make.

It’s here! Vengeance and Love is now available for wireless delivery on the Amazon Kindle. Check out the Amazon page for it here:

You can also purchase a print edition through Amazon as well. Or you can buy direct from CreateSpace:

Additional ebook formats may be made available for use with other ebook readers as well if there’s an interest in it.

Vengeance and Love cover

Vengeance and Love

It’s here! The final version of Vengeance and Love has been approved and is now available for sale via CreateSpace. If you’re interested, check out the CreateSpace page for Vengeance and Love here:

The book sits at 76 pages, with 52 poems and an introduction by yours truly. It should be listed at soon as well, and a Kindle version is on the way for those who want Vengeance on the go.

Vengeance and Love

Vengeance and Love, fresh from its packaging.

Ok, so it took a little while for me to be able to make this announcement but the time is finally here. Sitting in my office right how is a proof copy of Vengeance and Love, my first collection of poetry to appear in print form.

There were a few minor corrections that needed to be made before the book is available for purchase, so it probably won’t go up for sale until sometime in the next week or two. I’ll be sure and update everyone as soon as it’s available. At current it will be available in the CreateSpace store and, and there’s a Kindle version in the works as well. I have an option to expand the availability later if I wish, which would make it available from additional sources as well.

Vengeance and Love contains 52 poems and weighs in at 74 pages. There are poems in the book which were written over 10 years ago, and being able to look at it and hold it really is the culmination of a dream over a decade in the making.

I keep hearing this song on the radio, saying “Baby you’re a firework” or something along those lines. Yeah, I know… it’s been around for a while. I don’t listen to the radio that often, so sue me.

Anyway. The more I hear it, the more I think it’s a horrible analogy to include in what I’m assuming is supposed to be an uplifting and inspirational song. I mean, think about how fireworks actually work.

“Baby, you’re burning out and soon you’re going to explode… people will notice you for a moment, and then you’ll be forgotten almost as soon as you’re gone.”

Somehow that just doesn’t seem that uplifting to me. ;)

In other news, one of the projects that I’ve been working on will hopefully be ready to debut soon. Just waiting to hear back about it and maybe make a few corrections, and then it’ll be ready for the masses. It’s the culmination of a dream about 12 years in the making, so it’s rather exciting for it to be so close to completion.

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